Upholstery Cleaning

Just like any other fabric inside your home, upholsteries too need proper cleaning on a regular basis. In the case of upholsteries, specialised cleaning is even more necessary as upholsteries are in almost daily contact with the human body. Things like hairs, dandruff, dead skin cells, body oils and odours all affect the upholstery’s good looks and feel for the worse. Upholstered furniture also suffers from issues like cigarette smoke, pungent kitchen odours etc. In result you end up with one tatty piece of fabric that looks nothing like the bright and lively upholstery you initially had. If the upholstery has developed that familiar stale odour, or its colours are changing hue, then it is definitely time to consider our specialised upholstery cleaning in Wirral.

Using our professional upholstery cleaning options means the upholstery will be spared from potential damage and alterations like tearing along stitch lines, fading, shrinking, washing powder stains, discolouration etc. – all of which go hand in hand with conventional cleaning methods, needless to say machine washing.

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  • End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices from £89
  • Domestic Cleaning Prices from £9
  • Carpet Cleaning Prices from £26
  • Oven Cleaning Prices from £45
  • Our specialised upholstery cleaning in the CH area is a specially designed cleaning method which aims to deliver the best possible cleaning results without risk of damage or alteration to the upholstery fabric itself. The cleaning systems we apply are perfectly safe for all types of natural or synthetic fabric upholsteries. As always, the cleaning process is carried out by specially trained and qualified technicians who know how to handle the task properly. Our guys will review the type of upholstery fabric, they will check the type and scale of staining or soiling the fabric has sustained, and in turn determine the most appropriate way to clean the fabric without risking damage or alteration.

    Since the entire cleaning process is carried out using industry grade cleaning systems, there will be no need to remove the upholsteries or take them to another location. Our equipment allows cleaning to take place onsite, in the comfort of your own home – this will save you a decent amount of time and hassles. Most of the time the upholstery can remain on furniture during cleaning, only in some cases where we need to reach into nooks and crannies we might have to unzip the fabric here and there. Also, the equipment we apply allows us to clean effectively all size upholsteries including those impossibly small cushion, stool and settee upholsteries that are really problematic to clean and wash using conventional methods.

    Our professional upholstery cleaning in Wirral is an affordable service option which will not leave a dent in your budget. Our service quotes are fair and reflect the scale and complexity of your cleaning requirements. There is no limit for number of upholsteries cleaned per service. Please be advised that for best results, our cleaners will need a certain amount of hours, so please bear with them for the time being – they will be out of your way as quickly as physically possible.

    Upholstery cleaning appointments are booked for all days of thee week, including Sundays and public holidays at no change of price.